Advice Handbook
Using case studies the handbook illustrates how it is possible to identify inadequate basic education during an advice session. It gives tips and suggestions on how to conduct a conversation with a job-seeker and demonstrates how to evaluate the outcome in order to work out how to improve his/her chance of finding a placement.

Basic Vocational Competences
These describe activities, actions and requirements in the employment sectors care work, caretaking/cleaning and domestic work

Competence-orientated core curriculum
This combines basic education competences with learning content which is relevant to the employment sectors care work, caretaking/cleaning and domestic work.

Instruments for assessment
PreCheck Tool, Check UP and Check IN
To establish basic education competences and for the planning of educational needs

Modular Learning Materials
Offer a practical basic education which supports employment, both in specific occupations and more generally. It is complemented by handouts for lessons with methodical-didactic suggestions to promote both vocational and communication skills.


All materials (only german versions!!) are available as E-Books.
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