Advice Handbook

Educational tutors, placement officers, case managers are all constantly confronted with how to identify and assess inadequate reading, writing and arithmetic skills among their clients.

The Advice Handbook gives information about particular difficulties which individuals with basic education deficits encounter in everyday life and in the workplace. Despite the manifold strategies with which individuals cover up their lack of basic skills, on closer observation there are clear indications, which can be detected in an advice session and which point to this type of behaviour.

Using case studies the handbook illustrates how it is possible to identify inadequate basic education during an advice session. It gives tips and suggestions on how to conduct a conversation with a job-seeker and demonstrates how to evaluate the outcome in order to work out how to improve his/her chance of finding a placement.

The PreCheck Tool, which was developed by AlphaZ can be used for the first assessment of basic education competences. The advice handbook and the PreCheck Tool do not, however, replace an evaluation of existing abilities, skills and knowledge by a qualified individual. To begin the process of creating appropriate measures for assistance assessment tests are carried out after ascertaining what deficits in basic education exist.

The PreCheck Tool is a part of a more comprehensive set of materials for the assessment of basic education competences and the first building block of a multi-level instrument for the ascertainment of basic education competences (see Check UP and Check IN).