PreCheck Tool, Check UP and Check IN form a set of tools to ascertain competences. With these it is possible to record the progress made in the areas of speaking and listening, reading and writing, everyday mathematics and media. Using these tools the learnerís ability level can be established in discussion with the coach or teacher. The learnerís needs can be identified in order to further develop his/her skills, knowledge and competences.
The set of tools is designed for use by adults who are about to enter into the world of work or begin a vocational qualification, who have no education, who are unemployed and want to re-enter the job market as well as for those who are in employment but are poorly qualified.

The PreCheck Tool
is used in connection with the AlphaZ Advice Handbook to identify deficits in basic education at the early stage of the advisory interview (course-choice consultation/educational consultation) and thereby avoid wrongly assessing the individualís ability.
The PreCheck Tool can be seen as guidance material in the consultation and placement process.

The CheckUP
makes it possible for learners to get an early indication of their ability level in the competence areas reading, writing, listening and mathematics. This can serve as a guide to which course level to choose (=grading consultation through ability assessment)

The CheckIN
is a way of establishing ability levels and of providing learning support. It is used throughout the duration of the course for recording learning progress and can be used as a reference point for learning consultation.